402 Dousman – One of the Last Remaining Vacant Buildings on the Broadway District

Located just west of the intersection of the Broadway and Dousman sits one of the last remaining buildings in the Broadway District that have yet to be renovated. When I snapped this picture there was no longer a for sale sign, but only a few months back there was a sign listing it for sale by Creative Commercial Brokers. Neighbors Chefusion, House of Homebrew, and A Bag Lady have all been renovated in the last few years so I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this building sold and fixed up recently.

Developers may also want to consider the success of the Platten Building (directly south across Dousman) in renting their renovated apartments when seeking the feasibility of creating and renting apartments in this neighborhood. The city just improved the sidewalks in this area as well within the last couple years and streetscaping has been dramatically improved. It’ll be exciting to see what business decides to set up shop here and what the final apartment or office build out would look like in the future once this building is restored.

Written By Ryan

Real estate investor, photographer and enthusiast. Currently reside in Green Bay, but enjoy travel and scuba diving, especially during the winters!

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